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About the COKSM School Logo

OLM: Abbreviation for the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy.  Since the school was founded, the sisters have continuously provided leadership and service. Their incalculable contributions across the  years are symbolized in these letters.


The CROSS: The cross recalls the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the world’s greatest educator.  It represents the measure of love needed by all those who teach others.


The TORCH: The torch bears the flame of truth that illumines the darkness of ignorance.  At its roots Catholic education seeks to reveal the reality of all God’s creation.


The TRIANGLE: When strength is required for physical support, the triangle is often chosen.  The three corners of the logo triangle represent the teachers, the parents and the students.  Their  mutual support is the strength of our school.


1950: This is the year the school was founded.

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