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Grading Scale & Honor Roll

The grading system for grades 1 through 8 is:


A+ = 98 – 100        B+ = 89 – 91             C+ = 80 – 82            D = 70 – 73


A = 95 – 97              B = 86 – 88               C = 77 – 79               F = Below 70


A- = 92 – 94            B- = 83 – 85              C- = 74 – 76

Honor Roll 

Middle School students who achieve an overall average of  89.5 (B+) at the end of an academic quarter qualify for the Honor Roll.  Students who achieve an overall average of  95 (A), qualify for the High Honor Roll.  Grades will not be rounded up.  Honors will be calculated on exact percentages.  Students whose overall average increases by at least three points from one quarter to the next, qualify for Academic Improvement recognition.  Certificates which recognize these accomplishments will be presented at an Academic Awards assembly following the end of the Quarter.  Students who achieve these honors in the 4th Quarter will receive certificates at the start of the next school year.  Students who are on the Honor Roll for each of the four academic quarters for the first time receive a bronze “Scholar” certificate, for the second time, a silver “Scholar” certificate and for the third time, a gold “Scholar” certificate.  These certificates are presented at the first Academic Awards assembly of the year or at graduation.

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