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Lego Robotics Club

This page is meant as a resource for those students in the Lego Robotics club.


The Legos have arrived. We will select our team members and begin with regular meetings next week. The theme is NATURE'S FURY, so if you want to start early, start reading up on the resources below. 




Building Instructions: 

Bag 1    Bag 2    Bag 3    Bag 4    Bag 5    Bag 6    Bag 7    Bag 8    Bag 9    Bag 10


Judging Info: 


A description of the available awards from judging. 

Judging FAQ 

Answers to frequently asked judging questions. 

Judging Rubrics 

The guide to how judging works. 

Team Profile Sheet 

This needs to be filled out for each team for the competitions.


Project Resources: 

Ask a Professional 

Tips for talking to the pros with interviews and questions. 

Glossary 2012 

Important terms to know for the research project. 

Project FAQ 

Answers to frequently asked questions about the research project. 


Useful web pages and books to investigate while researching. 


Robot Game: 

Game Updates 

Any updates to the rules or missions will be posted on this site. 

Table Overhead View (JPG) 

Table Walkthrough Video (YouTube)

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