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Printing Setup 

Windows and Chromebook:


1. Make sure you are signed into Chrome Browser with your School Account.

2. Install Active Tab Chrome Plugin from HERE.


Go HERE and remove your current Google Cloud Printers.




2. Windows users, Download & Install Google Cloud Print from HERE.

After install

3. Click on which printer you would like to add to your list.

(Yes, you add all of them, come back later, for more.) 


Front Office Color Printer 

First Floor Office Workroom 

Middle School/5th Grade Hallway 

Camelia Drive Hallway 

Second Floor Workroom 


4. Remove all network printers. If you, already, have Front Office or Upstairs or Camillia, you should remove them.


5. You should now have, Google Cloud Printer, your classroom printer & Print to PDF as your only printers. If you use others, you’re on your own…



Here, I am using my office program to print to Google Cloud Printer. After hitting print, Chrome will open a new tab to display your printers.

Note: it may be behind your open program.

Choose the printer and options then hit Print in the lower left.

If you already chose to print only some pages or other options, you do not need to select them again.

After printing to your desired printer. You will need to go to that printer and tell the printer to release your print job. Use the “Quick Print Release” button. Press the one Button that is named similar to the name of the printer. It will then display the print jobs that are “On Hold” choose the one with yourname@coksm.org and then Print. Confirm.

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