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Early Childhood Program




Christ Our King-Stella Maris School is a Catholic school steeped in tradition and faith based values. Reflection is an important part of our daily lives as each day begins and ends with prayer. Students are taught compassion, respect and to care for others as Jesus cares for them.   Our graduates leave COKSM school with a full understanding that they have a responsibility to give back to the community.


Our school meets for morning assembly every Wednesday morning when we come together as a community to pray, to share news and to celebrate our successes.  Assembly is followed by our weekly school mass.


We are proud of our our Catholic identity and the academic curriculum.  We feel blessed that we have not only the ability to teach children about their faith, but we have the opportunity to guide each and every child to success.


The Christ Our King-Stella Maris 4K Kindergarten program is for children who have turned four years old by September 1st.  The program is offered five days a week and parents have the option of a half day or full day program. The student teacher ratio is 15:2.


Throughout the course of the school year, students will explore seasonal themes, religion, reading, mathematics, science, technology and the writing process.  Students also receive instruction in music, art, physical education and Spanish. Instruction is hands on and differentiated. In addition to our academic program, students spend a great deal of time learning social skills through play time and center time. The Christ Our King-Stella Maris 4K program is a developmentally appropriate, fun filled program where children thrive and flourish!


Our 5K Kindergarten program is a full day program for children who turn five years of age by September 1st.  Our student teacher ratio is approximately 15:2. COKSM follows curriculum standards as prescribed by the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina.  The kindergarten curriculum includes religion, math, science, reading, grammar, writing, library, social studies, Spanish, technology, physical education, art and music.  Time is devoted each day to center time and free play allowing children to develop both social skills and conflict resolution skills.


Kindergarten children participate in Wednesday morning's assemblies, field trips, field day, the annual Christmas pageant, talent shows, school fundraising events and more.

Graduation is held in May as students leave kindergarten behind and move into their first year of elementary school.