Carpool & Bus Information


Carpool Information

Christ Our King – Stella Maris school has been at this current location since 1953.  We have had to, over the years, make adjustments to our processes from time to time, especially when it comes to carpool procedures.  Our changes have been made to increase both safety and efficiency for our parents and our students. COKSM works with the Mt Pleasant Police Department to assure a safe procedure for the school families, nearby residents and safety vehicles needing to use the same road.

All carpools must display a name sign in the passenger side of the vehicle’s dashboard with the carpool name. Print should be large and bold enough to be easily read by our staff.

All cars must pull all the way up to the end of the sidewalk during carpool to maximize the number of students loading and unloading. 

 Please do not block side streets or driveways of the surrounding neighborhood and businesses.

4K - 1st graders (and their siblings) Carpool Information


On Camelia Drive cars will line up and wait in the Christ Our King Church parking lot (Camellia side) until directed to depart towards school.  A COKSM employee will be waiting in the church lot with a cell phone. This person will be in contact with COKSM employees at school and will direct the proper number of cars (6 or 7 at a time) to depart the church parking lot and head to the COKSM Camellia Drive horseshoe to pick up your child.  This process will continue until all the students have been picked up.  We ask for your patience and cooperation in following the directions of this process and of the COKSM employees directing traffic flow during carpool.

2nd - 8th graders Carpool Information

On Russell Drive cars will be entering from Chuck Dawley Blvd., proceeding down Russell Dr., circling through the church parking lot, and returning to drop off/pick up in front of the school. The crosswalk in front of the school is not intended for student use and therefore parents must not park across the street in the faculty lot or up at the corner and walk to pick up students for safety reasons.


Carpool Etiquette


  • Refrain from cell phone use while in line for the safety of those around you.


  • Pull up near the sidewalk but not on it as faculty and children are walking to and from the cars.


  • Please follow the carpool line all the way to the church and do not cut others in line by making a short U-turn.


  • Parents, please do not get out of the cars to help students load and unload.


  • Students must enter and exit the vehicles on the passenger side only.


  • Have your students ready in the morning to exit the vehicle. If a student needs help with a large load or is not ready, please park down in the church lot and walk up with your child so others are not held up.


      • Please do not stop traffic to speak to a teacher as their focus is on a safe dismissal.
  • Please display your name card so school personnel can read it.


  • Do not block side streets or driveways.


  • Pull up as far as possible; your student will walk to and from your vehicle.


  • Be cooperative and considerate of others! Our goal is to help load and unload all of our students in a safe and timely fashion. 


Thank You!