Athletic Programs

Christ Our King - Stella Maris School includes Athletics as part of the school's mission in preparing our students for the complex world around them.  We firmly believe that athletics and team sports can have a long-term positive impact on the students who participate in such programs.  We believe that team sports prepare students for life after school where many occupations and careers are based on working as part of a team.  Certain careers come to mind including working in an office setting, as part of a surgical operating team, teaching in a classroom or as part of a military tactical team to name just a few.


COKSM offers a wide variety of athletic programs some of which are school sponsored, some of which are part of our being a feeder school for Bishop England High School and some of which are part of the various Rec programs around town.


We are very grateful for our volunteer coaches and teachers who so graciously give of their time and talent to guide and teach our students about these sports and the proper way to conduct themselves when participating in them.


We offer the following programs:








Competitive Dance


Junior Pom


Track (Bishop England)

Lacrosse (Bishop England)

Softball (Bishop England)

Swimming (Bishop England)