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School Counseling Program


Lower School Counselor - Mrs. Melia Bolchoz (4K - 4th Grades)

Middle School Counselor - Dr. Silvia Hanna (5th - 8th Grades)

Classroom Guidance - LIVE, LOVE, LEARN with Christ


4K: lessons are held for 30 minutes bi-weekly.

5K - 4th Grades: lessons are held for 40 minutes weekly.

5th - 8th:   lessons are held for 40 minutes bi-weekly during Religion classes.

Lessons cover a range of topics from the following domains:  Self-Awareness, Learning Skills, Social Skills, Self-Management, and Decision-Making   

All classroom lesson have a singular goal:  to help children develop the skills necessary to  

LIVE according to the teachings of Christ, supported by a strong Catholic Community.

LOVE others as God loves us, through charity, respect, and outreach.

LEARN in an academically challenging environment that inspires the whole child.

Small Groups

As the need arises, the school counselor may invite students to participate in small group sessions, with parent permission.  Small groups meet once a week and focus on a particular topic.  

Examples of small group topics include 

  • Navigating Family Changes

  • Self-Control

  • Executive Functioning

  • Leadership

  • Social Skills Development

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Self-Esteem

Responsive Services

Responsive services are short-term counseling interventions to resolve immediate conflicts/problems, respond to crisis events, and intervene in school-specific situations that disrupt learning. School staff, parents/guardians, community members and students can initiate responsive services.

Student Academic Plan Support

The school counselors help parents and teachers navigate the process of  identifying students who may have an underlying behavioral condition that affects academic and social success.  Those children who have been identified with an official behavioral diagnosis, such as ADHD, anxiety, adjustment disorder, etc are eligible to receive an individualized Student Academic Plan.  This is a classroom accommodation plan our school counselors create in order to ensure students are receiving the support they need to be as successful in the school setting as possible.